If you’re a girl boss trying to climb up the executive ladder one rung, one success, at a time, you’re familiar with work hours that stretch into the night, sessions trying to work the cogs of your brain for clever and creative ideas and proposals, and an always-on-the-go lifestyle. However, the dynamic and productive life doesn’t come without a price, and your body might be paying for it. To be in tip-top shape career- and health-wise, you might want to look into a home sauna for sale.

You don’t need to shed dollars and travel to the far-off island for some rest. By investing in a two-person sauna at home, you can treat and take care of yourself a few nights a week! There are so many reasons a girl boss can find a trusty partner in a home sauna.

Sauna Benefits to Die For (Metaphorically, Of Course!)

For strong, brave, and industrious women, here are many sauna benefits that will make you look for a home sauna for sale afterward.

  • Increased recovery rate from extreme strength and training sessions

    According to a study published by Springer, repeated exposure to saunas relaxes your muscles and helps them recover faster from exercise and other extreme physical activities. You no longer have to worry about cramps, strains, and extreme difficulty when climbing stairs to the office after your gym sessions.

  • Higher levels of human growth hormone (HGH)

    Another study, published in the Journal of Human Kinetics, observed that women who treated themselves to saunas for 30 minutes had increased levels of HGH. This hormone is responsible for breaking down fats and building muscle. Sitting in your two-person sauna after exercise has a two-fold benefit: faster recovery and faster muscle build-up!

  • Stronger heart

    Among the benefits of cardiovascular exercises like cycling, jogging, and hiking are increased heart rate, dilated blood vessel, and decreased arterial stiffness that significantly lessen your risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases. In a study published by the Journal of Human Hypertension, you can achieve the same effects in sauna bathing. Sitting for 30 minutes in a sauna benefits your heart significantly.

  • Relief from chronic pain

    Sitting in your desk for long hours, no matter how comfortably cushy your swivel chair is, creates tension in your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. This is the precursor for chronic tension-type headaches. If you can relate, we suggest you look in your community if there’s a home sauna for sale.While exercise and constant movement are recommended to relieve the pain, a study found that sitting in a sauna can produce the same effect. The participants from the study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported a significant decrease in their headaches’ frequency and intensity after regular exposure to a sauna.

A Worthy Investment

Your health is wealth. Even in the game of acquiring financial stability and security, health is one thing you can’t compromise. You don’t need to hire a contractor to build a two-person sauna in your home. One of the advantages of living in our time is that people recognize more and more the value of traditional medications like the sauna. This means that research and innovations are continuously being conducted to make these medications accessible to all. You can even find a portable home sauna for sale online for less than a hundred dollars.

Dear girl boss, the importance of taking care of yourself can’t be emphasized more. The sauna can be your partner in this. Even Lady Gaga, as mentioned by Women’s Health Magazine, swears by it.