Your dining table is more than just a surface on which to eat meals, especially if it’s a mid-century round dining table. It’s a period piece with a style that collectors would pay a hefty sum to own. Don’t take it for granted. Learn how to maintain your mid-century table so you can maximize it and pass it on to future generations.

How to Keep Your Mid-Century Dining Table in Top Condition

Maintaining a period piece is all about mindful use and careful upkeep. Follow these tips to keep your dining table in prime condition:

  • Invest in excellent cleaning materials. Make sure what you’re using is right for your table.Test furniture cleaners on a small portion first to ensure its efficacy. Depending on your table’s type of wood, you may need oil or wax to protect and accentuate its surface. Go to a store that custom-makes everything from a bed to a sofa in Los Angeles for high-quality cleaning solutions.
  • Protect your table from hot and cold objects. Don’t place hot meals or cold drinks directly on the table. The intense temperature will damage its surface, increasing the risk of burns and warps. Use heat-resistant coasters when placing large amounts of steaming food on the table. Use normal coasters when placing cold drinks on the table.
  • Don’t scrape off wax spills with a knife. After a candlelit dinner, you may find wax drippings on your table. Don’t use knife, scissors, fork, or other sharp objects to get it off. Otherwise, you’ll damage your table. Cover the spill with a cloth, then run a slightly warm iron over it. The wax will melt and cling to the cloth.

How to Upgrade Its Look

Although your mid-century dining table is already beautiful by itself, you can make it more inviting with stylish décor. Use these tips to keep it looking fresh.

  • Use a table runner. The strip of cloth will add color and texture to the table without covering its beautiful surface. It will also provide a tasteful contrast to your table’s round shape. Choose patterns that match the current season, occasion, or theme of your dining area. If it’s summer, for instance, choose a runner with vibrant tropical patterns.
  • Get creative centerpieces. Flowers in vases are no longer the only way to style up dining tables. The skies the limit provided that your centerpiece leaves enough table surface to dine on. Consider these centerpiece ideas.
  • a bowl of fruit
  • a box filled with sand, shells, and white rocks
  • a tray of blooming succulents and prickly cactuses
  • a candelabra or a rustic lantern
  • a set of tea lights

If you have a specific centerpiece in mind that you can’t find in any store, present your idea to furniture shops that specialize in custom-made beds in Los Angeles. They’ll be more than happy to develop it for you.

  • Vary your dinnerware. Have fun with your dish and utensil sets. Mix and match them to add variety to your meals and table arrangements. If you use table napkins, get creative with how you fold and arrange them.

Embrace the Mid-Century Aesthetic! 

Now that you know how to maintain and enhance mid-century pieces, why limit its stylish influence on your home to a single piece? Get mid-century modern furniture that matches your mid-century round dining table.

Mid-century modern furniture features simple and functional designs that highlight the fine craftsmanship of their predecessors. With their classic look, they’re easy to use with modern and period pieces. Visit a modern furniture store in LA today to find the perfect mid-century statement piece for your space!