Running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign is an excellent way for start-ups to raise funds, but it involves a significant amount of crypto expertise and community building to pull off. Fortunately, brand ambassadors can help you pave the way to success. To ensure tremendous returns on your investment, partner only with a brand ambassador for blockchain companies with these traits. 


What to Look for When Choosing a Brand Ambassador

Brand representation techniques for the cryptocurrency industry are different from the traditional rules of the game. Make sure your brand ambassador has what it takes to deliver ICO success. Look for these qualities when you screen potential ambassadors for your business: 

  • Uses Excellent Reputation-Building Know-How

Cryptocurrency is still unregulated today, which is both an advantage and disadvantage for companies who stopped asking “what is blockchain?” to maximise the technology. While it levels the playing field for everyone interested in decentralised tech, it is also the reason many investors tend to doubt the legitimacy of ICOs. This is not a problem for a competent brand ambassador.

Great brand ambassadors are not just experts in spreading brand awareness. They are also pros in building trust among investors and clients, using in-depth crypto knowledge and industry-specific strategies to solidify a company’s credibility. 

  • Values Transparency and Good Relations 

Some start-ups, especially those who have limited crypto knowledge, keep their cards close to their chest during their ICO campaign. This can make most investors withdraw their support, regardless of the project’s money-making potential. 

Top brand ambassadors know that transparency is key in keeping investors. It cultivates support among ICO financiers, ensuring their support not only until the project’s take off but beyond it as well. 

  • Has Solid Knowledge on Brand Visibility

Considering the increasing popularity and dynamic structure of ICO, determining where to introduce a campaign to build up its online presence can be a challenge. Brand ambassadors with in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology are the best people for the job. 

Brand ambassadors can create a strong marketing plan for your ICO project. This typically involves search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, and other digital marketing solutions. ICO trailblazers can then use the time saved by expert assistance to focus on innovating their product or service. 

  • Always Up-To-Date With Crypto News and Developments

This is crucial because the trends in crypto business marketing are constantly changing. For instance, most websites do not allow crypto advertising due to the technology’s association with scams. 

Fortunately, the online community is slowly but surely loosening its stance about the matter. Some platforms have changed their related policy to accommodate certain crypto ads. Brand ambassadors are on top of such developments. They follow crypto developments systematically and update their strategies accordingly to ensure ICO success. 

Choose Your Brand Ambassador Wisely

Do not settle for a brand ambassador for blockchain companies that lacks one or several of these qualities. Remember: the crypto space is a cutthroat one. Work with a top calibre brand ambassador to give your ICOs an edge over the competition and achieve success in all your crypto ventures.