Want to revisit your wedding album in the future and find that not only were you able to record the special occasion, but you were able to do so in unique and memorable ways? This article can help out. Here are some of the most unconventionally fun, meaningful, and creative wedding photography ideas today.

amazing wedding couple

  1. Celebrate the generations.
  2. Particularly those of the bride’s and groom’s. Imagine a shot of…

    • …the bride’s hand (featuring her wedding ring) in between her mother and grandmother’s hands—each showing off their wedding band as well.
    • …the groom’s hand (featuring his wedding ring) in between his father and grandfather’s hands—each showing off their wedding band as well.
    • …the bride’s mother and grandmother helping her get ready for the ceremony/
    • …the groom’s father and grandfather helping him get ready for the ceremony.
    • …the bride/groom recreating a wedding picture of their mother/father during their wedding day.

    Find ways to celebrate those that came for you. Dig up your parents’ wedding albums for more ideas.

  3. Highlight your helpers.
  4. Ask your wedding photographer to capture candid moments of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here are a few shot ideas.

    • The bridesmaids/groomsmen waking up—and getting ready—early, so they can help their charge.
    • The bride bonding with her flower girls.
    • The groom having fun their ring bearers.
  5. Record their reactions.
  6. And, when we say “they,” we don’t just mean the bride’s/groom’s reaction to her/his significant other’s grand entrance. We mean the reactions of the other guests as well.

  7. Use mirrors.
  8. Incorporate reflection effects to your pictorials. Are reflective surfaces scarce in your venue? Don’t worry. You can just bring your own mirror. Here are a few ways you can integrate it into your shots.

    • The bride/groom holding a long mirror reflecting his/her bridesmaids/groomsmen.
    • The bridesmaids/groomsmen looking or pointing at a mirror reflecting the bride/groom.
  9. Use frames.
  10. Aside from mirrors, you can also incorporate large frames into your shoots. It’s a great way to highlight something without completely disregarding its background. Here are a few ways you can “frame” your shots.

    • The flower girls and ring bearers holding up a frame to feature the couple.
    • The bridesmaids/ groomsmen holding up a frame to feature the bride/groom.
    • The bride’s/groom’s parents holding up a frame to feature their daughter/son.
    • The bride and groom’s parents holding a frame to feature the couple.
  11. Vary perspectives.
  12. Here are a few perspectives that you can ask the photographer to use during your big day.

    • Aerial shots—not just of the venue but of the things that happen in it as well (e.g., the couple’s first dance as seen from above).
    • Bottom shots (e.g., a “from below” shot of the groomsmen’s toast).
    • “Voyeur” perspective shots (e.g., the photographer capturing the couple sharing a kiss from seemingly hidden locations).
    • Fun perspective shots (e.g., a tiny groom “sitting” on the bride’s hands).
  13. Get silly!
  14. Don’t be afraid to strike outrageous poses and make silly faces at the camera.

Don’t confine your wedding shoots to stiff group photos and traditional couple shots. Spice up your planned and impromptu pictorials with these creative ideas!