With new technologies and engineering designs introduced, automotive designs have swiftly evolved. We couldn’t be more amazed about what cars can do today, but there is no denying that there are certain things that we miss about car models some decades back.

    1969 mustang

  1. The Handyman Aspect
  2. Remember when you could fix important things using your bare hands and using nothing more than tools like a torque wrench, multi-meter, breaker bar, and some penetrating fluid? These days, car issues that you could have fixed on your own would be impossible because special tools and information – that only dealerships possess – are required for the diagnosis and repair. It is not highly expensive to have dealerships perform the repair work, but we surely miss having a good time in the garage with greasy hands and the pride of fixing our own cars.

  3. Old School Buttons, Knobs, and Controls
  4. The touch-screen revolution for phones has extended all the way to the automotive industry. Nowadays, when you need to control settings like air conditioning and volume, a whole new interface is presented.

    It feels cool having a taste of advanced technology, but some people – vintage car enthusiasts or yacht owners – would declare that there is nothing like the physical sensation of the pressing of a button or turning of a knob. It gives a feeling of total, direct control.

  5. Manufacturing Options
  6. If you’re an enthusiast and you could pick apart car parts and put them back together, you would know that the number of options that manufacturers provide nowadays can be a bit choking. Take the ‘69m Mustang for example. About five decades ago, we know that they were sold with an option of 12 engines and you could choose among six transmissions. Talk about performance tailored to your preferences! These days, only three engine options are available and they are sold in their respective trims.

  7. Affordability and Accessibility
  8. Taking inflation into account, a car nowadays is twice more expensive than cars from five years ago. Although it is true that technological advancement, competition, and economic situations, affect the price, affordability is still a limiting factor for new car owners. This topic ignites debate about whether new automotive technologies are truly crucial for driving experience. On paper, it sounds cool to have “heated steering wheels,” but does it account for much difference?

  9. Simplicity
  10. The “masculine design concept” for sports cars is being overused and overemphasized these days. For some reason, designers seem afraid to design sedans that look like “regular cars.” This makes sports cars honestly look just like modern sedans, due to the number of sedan designs trying to mimic the concept.

Nevertheless, it is great to see that automotive developers are geared toward switching things around and experimenting on the next improvement. We just hope that golden features of the past don’t get obliterated in the future.