Literally and figuratively, start-ups in the construction industry need to prove their strength. It is literal in the sense that their projects have to be strong to keep the ball of their credibility rolling for future clients. It could be a little challenging to try to work with them because other companies with a more established reputation already exist.

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However, when readers go through books and articles written by corporate experts, these start-ups are described as ‘dark horses’ in their industries due to consistent innovations that most of them do to thrive in the business. Unfortunately, it is these innovations that big companies are missing, the reason these dark horses are outsmarting them in some instances.

The Case of ENM Construction Management

As a start-up in Canada, ENM Construction Management is flexing its muscles to show their strength in delivering timely, quality, and on-budget services. by Daniel Greenhalgh co-founded ENM in 2015. Since ENM started, it already accomplished eight projects and currently working on three projects. Aside from the literal building blocks that comprise the projects they do, ENM makes it a point to build upon great minds as well as on the interesting success stories in boosting their reputation in the construction industry.

Great Minds behind the Start-up

Daniel had already worked on dozens of projects before starting ENM, and this makes him an ideal leader for this start-up. Aside from his experience, his goal of developing projects that aim to curb housing issues in Canada makes the developing story of ENM a more meaningful one. With his interests focused on developing a one-stop shop for rental housing development, there’s hope to contribute to increasing the supply of affordable housing options for Canadians.

Aside from his cerebral strengths, the leadership directions that he has set in the team’s work routines exhibit very hands-on project management. In Daniels’s Q and A in their website, he said that his mornings are spent with his team as ‘trade manager,’ and he stays in the office during the afternoon for the business side of his work.

Humble, Yet Strong Beginnings

His leadership can also be reflected in the stories that build the reputation of the company. One of their current projects is the Feline Isolation Shelter with Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS). In the most recent update published by The Entrepreneur Way on this project, Jayne Nelson, executive director of LAPS, told the story behind their work with ENM.

Nelson talked about how the processes went smoothly and how ENM provided services beyond what they asked for. With this, she expressed their fortune of being able to work with ENM’s founder Daniel Greenhalgh. Aside from good leadership in project management, Nelson also shared ENM’s ability to work on a budget.

Indeed, in their first three years in the industry, this start-up has already flexed their muscle showing their strength in working for the construction business. If this kind of performance will be consistent, it will not be so soon that ENM can already brandish their skyscraper reputation in the construction industry.