Once you’ve found the right remodeling contractor, bathroom remodeling in Southern California is more than halfway done. However, here comes the most challenging part for many homeowners – picking out the paint.

Bright minimalist bathroom with round window bath two sinks and large framed mirror

It can be especially difficult when you have small bathroom since the wrong colors can make it feel cramped and suffocating. To help you decide, here are some interior designer-approved color combinations you can work with.

3 Exciting Color Choices for Bathrooms

Paint is one of the most transformative tools during a bathroom renovation. It can completely change how a bathroom looks and feels. It also allows you to express your personality in a more cost-effective way than buying expensive bathroom accessories and furniture to show off your style.

With limited square footage, however, you need to be extra thoughtful when choosing new colors for a small bathroom. Here are some ideas:

  • Try dark, bold hues.

It’s pretty common advice to stick with bright, light colors for small bathrooms. Yet done right, dark and bold colors can be a spectacular choice.

For instance, an inky, rich dark blue will instantly add drama, glamor, and intrigue to small spaces. It can also make the space look cozy and chic. Dark shades make classic metallic and whites stand out cooler against the background, helping you make the most out of each color.

  • Consider grey instead of white.

White is a classic for a reason – when pulled off correctly, it brings in a clean sense of elegance to bathrooms. However, white can quickly get boring in a small space.

Monochromatic grey offers a gorgeous middle ground. It’s softer than most colors, but is also sophisticated and timeless. It’s also an excellent way to execute an industrial look – grey has a way of making metal fixtures and fittings pop for a modern and sleek ambiance.

  • Go for half and half.

Who said you can only paint your bathroom in one shade? Add visual interest by choosing two colors for the walls during your shower remodel in Los Angeles.

One way to do this is to paint the upper half with a darker color, with a lighter, more neutral base for the bottom. Better yet, going for half and half provides a visual trick that makes small rooms look much bigger. Ask for complementary color recommendations from your bathroom remodeling contractor to get more ideas about which hues work well together.

More Design Tricks for Small Bathrooms

Once you’ve settled on paint color, talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about lighting choices. Much like paint, light fixtures and placement can have a massive impact on making small bathrooms feel airy and comfortable. Other tips include:

  • Using mirrors to visually expand the space.
  • Hiding storage options to avoid breaking up the visual flow.
  • Bath wall surrounds in Southern California is also an amazing way to upgrade a small bathroom’s looks without much effort.

Finally, your bathroom remodeling contractor is your greatest resource when coming up with a beautiful, timeless design, so make sure to open up a conversation about the look you have in mind.