We all know about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. But maybe—just maybe—you’re just waking up on the wrong bed. We have to face it: the traditional standard-sized bed isn’t going to cut it for a more discerning public. This explains why custom-made beds are very popular nowadays.

Right now, the millennial shift from early birds to night owls is evident, as they are the largest generation to go into the workforce, numbering at 80 million initially.  They’re now more likely to be productive than earlier generations, which means that they are also likely early birds than night owls. And what better way to get these productive individuals immediately to bed than with nicely-made beds?

A custom-made bed evokes a feeling of accomplishment. You know you’ve made it when you step into your room and see that you have a bed suited to your personal taste to lay your head on. Here are just some of the most popular custom-made beds in Los Angeles.

  • Victoria Bed

This type of a bed is a fusion between old and new. A Victoria bed, like the monarch it is named after, is elegant yet functional. While bare, and bereft of the gilded edges, it still exudes great aura with its shape and walnut frame.

  • Tony Bed

This platform bed is unique, as the hook at the foot area dips into the ground, while a tall headboard balances it out. Equally impressive is its make, which is in thick Rift Dark Oak Veneer.

  • Jeremy Bed

The perfect way to describe this bed is minimal and modernist. Its headboard creates a folded illusion, tipped backward slightly. Low feet lift the bed’s platform off of the floor. Completing the bed’s look are fitted side tables which double as anchors.

  • Capri Bed

One of the most modernist beds yet. Probably the most attention-calling feature of this platform bed is its bendable headboard. It is also made up of leather – many varieties of leather per bed, to be exact.

  • Portofino Bed

This is a no-nonsense modern bed, evoking a streamlined imagery to one’s room. Part of it is because of the soft fabric upholstery, which comes in a variety of fabrics.

  • Azara Platform Bed

This Mid-Century Modern/contemporary bed is a certified standout, with its clean-line designed and angled tapered legs. Moreover, it is crafted in pure Moso bamboo and does not contain MDF, plywood or particle board.

  • Logan Bed

This bed may appear simple, but just like its namesake Wolverine, it exudes a badass persona. The fabric headboard, along with the walnut frame and legs, only add to its warm, sophisticated and contemporary look.

In A Nutshell

You’ve now seen all varieties of custom-made beds and a ready to make a choice. Should you see yourself in that situation, try not only to check your measurements in conjunction with the bed. Think about how that custom-made will appear in your room and how it can capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Doesn’t it feel good to have a personal touch in your room? This you can do now with your bed of choice. And each custom-made bed variety here is sure to leave a mark in any room. Head on over to your local furniture store now and ask the staff for more details.