We live in a knowledge- and data-driven world. This means that much of our work would have us contained in the office, sitting on comfortable swivel chairs, and facing the computer for most of the day. Nine-to-five jobs would have you exhausted mentally and physically. At the end of the day, you’re left with just enough energy to buy food from fast-food chains or convenience stores, and slump on the couch and watch TV to drive your stress away. This sedentary lifestyle is not good for you, and is one of the reasons you need the benefits that the best sauna can offer.

“Why, of all things, a sauna?” you might be asking. To put it shortly, this age-old medical treatment offers several health benefits for office-detained workers like most of us. There are many kinds of saunas that exist, but the most accessible, especially for those from urban areas, is the portable infrared sauna.

Tips to Guide you Into Buying the Best Sauna

  • Lay down all your options.

    The number one characteristic of a responsible consumer is doing research and laying down all your available options. There are many types of saunas to choose from.

There are three simple types of saunas:

traditional steam and dry heat saunas use convection heat to heat air, increasing body temperature;

near-infrared saunas use light in a certain wavelength that induces warmth on your skin by working on your cells’ water molecules and encouraging them to regenerate; and

far infrared saunas use radiant heat to excite your cells into vibration.

These saunas come in the forms of full rooms installed in your house, or even tents that don’t cost you your home space. Portable infrared saunas are all the rage these days.

  • Increase your chances of buying the best sauna by contacting a manufacturer rather than a third-party reseller.

    By talking directly to an authorized agent or customer service consultant from your sauna manufacturer, you can ensure that all your questions regarding the sauna can be answered. This will also guarantee that you can get the best help and maintenance possible after purchasing your sauna.

  • Look for solid wiring safety measures.

    The best sauna doesn’t only guarantee the maximum health benefits, but also your home’s general safety. Look for a proper EMF wire shielding that would keep you protected from stray flux radiation and the wiring from the wood to avoid fire. Moreover, look for a portable infrared sauna with an electrical fault sensor and thermostat installed in its heating panel. This will allow you to quickly turn off the sauna in case of overheating or malfunction. Another important reminder is that before purchase, make sure that your sauna has the necessary electrical certifications.

  • Choose the sauna with the lowest EMF radiation.

    All electrical devices emit electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) to some extent. However, too much exposure to EMF, especially in a portable infrared sauna where contact is direct, can be harmful. Too much exposure to radiation increases the risk to cancer and other related diseases.

Make the most out of your money by making sure that you’ve chosen the best sauna for you. Spending time to research and consult the experts will definitely pay off once you’re ready to enter into that sauna to enjoy detoxification and relaxation after a long workday.