Parking: the bane of modern living. It seems to be the vocation of parking management services to provide its customers with the best parking experience possible. With millions of cars being sold and registered in the United States yearly, finding a parking spot is increasingly becoming hard. Good thing it’s not the end of the world! Check out and follow these parking hacks, and you’ll be finding that golden parking spot each and every time!

  1. Apps
  2. hassle free parkingIn today’s internet-driven world run by mobile devices, parking apps are your number one go-to solution for hassle-free parking. The question then is “Which app is the best?” To answer this, refer to the app store of your choice. Read through the reviews. Look at the ratings. Search for available parking apps on the internet, and see how websites rate them. Most importantly, try them out. Often, personal experience differs significantly from what is given in the reviews.

    Among the things that you should consider are the factors that may affect the efficiency. Most parking apps are location-based. One app may do well in a specific area while some may not. Signal reception is also a key factor. If it is difficult to get reception in your place, then using apps may not be the best option for you.

  3. Look beyond the entrance
  4. Most people would look into a parking lot, see the first row full, then move on. This is a common mistake. Consider the next row or check the space adjacent to the lot. More often than not, space will be available there which is just as good.

  5. Active search vs. sit and wait
  6. There is a longstanding debate on which strategy is more effective: active search or sit and wait. An active search is when a driver goes up and down the rows or goes to an entirely different parking lot to find a spot. Sitting and waiting, as the name would suggest, entails driving to a parking lot and staying put waiting for someone to exit the establishment and leave a spot open. According to Andrew Velkey, associate professor of Psychology at Christopher Newport University, Virginia, sitting and waiting is the better strategy. After observing people’s parking lot behavior for a significant amount of time, he concluded that even though the latter approach will take longer, it has a higher probability of success. Plus, it saves gas!

  7. Stay calm
  8. Avoid rage parking. For your safety, your passengers’ and your car’s, you should remain calm. You will undoubtedly encounter people in parking lots with the least likable attitude; however, stooping to their level and becoming inconsiderate as well will help no one. If an argument ensues with another driver, stay calm and try to talk things through with the other person. If this doesn’t help, call the authorities. They would know how to ease up the tension.

  9. Be nice
  10. Being nice can go a long way—and this should go both ways. If you come into a vacant spot, check if no one else needs it more than you. It is only prudent to give up your spot for the elderly, persons with disability or a pregnant woman. Likewise, if another driver gives you the same courtesy learn to say thank you.

Hoping these tips could remove some of the stress in driving. And if not, you can always employ the services of a trusted parking management services.