When you hear the term contemporary office furniture, most likely, images of swivel chairs or an office table of a pedestal cabinet will enter your minds. However, as the system of jobs evolve, the structure of workplaces also change, which also leads to numerous developments in office furniture.

As you can remember, majority of the office spaces adopt the traditional to modern furniture design—with a table, a chair, a cabinet containing file boxes, and some additional elements like pencil holders are wall decorations. However, nowadays, with the emergence of co-working spaces and non-traditional office layouts, the furniture designs in these areas have also changed.

Below are some of the major features of modern office furniture designs that you can expect to see in contemporary furniture stores near me in the following years.

What is there to expect in contemporary office furniture in the following years?

  • Natural light
    Lots of studies on workplace productivity have proven the effectiveness of natural light in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of employees in the workplace. Natural light was said to reduce headaches and eyestrains, usually caused by using computers all day long, by about 84%. It also gives the workplace an easier, breezier, and less confining feel.Therefore, wide windows are expected to be part of contemporary office layouts in the coming years. Fluorescent lights and lamps may also be expected to be in demand, as substitute in the case of office spaces where natural light is not accessible.
  • Various seating options
    One of the major features of new workplace designs is the absence of cubicles and presence of co-working spaces or break rooms. These rooms are filled with tables and chairs that allow employees to work freely with each other.
    The main furniture for such designs is tables and chairs. Some companies prefer lower tables with mid-backed chairs while others choose tall ones for a bar-style arrangement. There are also companies that use mats and bean bags. Such working environment were said to enhance the creativity of the employees.
  • Recreational furniture
    Gone were the days when we can only associate office spaces to computers and printer, desks and swivel chairs. Some companies are starting to incorporate recreation in the workplace through making recreational materials such as foosball, billiards, and video games in the office.

    This means that we can expect more bookshelves, billiard tables, relaxing chairs for video game sets to soon be classified as office furniture.

    Another way of bringing recreation in the workplace is the establishment of mini parks and playgrounds in the office vicinity. So who knows? Maybe time will come that even outdoor furniture in Los Angeles may be considered as office furniture.

You see, contemporary office furniture nowadays are not only limited to the traditional items. Even outdoor furniture like the ones in Los Angeles can be placed in an office!

So if you are planning to redesign an office space, visit any contemporary furniture store near me and explore the endless possible combinations you can bring to your office.