Preparation is key to a stress-free move. It’s why residential movers make it a point to start packing their clients’ belongings and planning their transfer several weeks before moving day. However, even the most detailed relocation plan can be derailed with the most insignificant lapse during its execution. Avoid this scenario by taking note of these often-overlooked moving tips.

5 Smart Moving Tips Most People Forget

Due to the hustle and bustle of moving day, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Hire expert movers and follow these smart but often-overlooked relocation tips to ensure the smoothest move possible:

  1. Collect important documents in a single container.

This is crucial, especially if your valuable files are stored in different areas in your current home. Create a checklist of all your critical documents to avoid forgetting any of them, from school records and employment certificates to vehicle registrations and medical records. Collect and place them all in a single, secure container for easy transfer.

Pro Tip: Sort documents based on their purpose (e.g., personal, healthcare, etc.) and place them in color-coded folders for a hassle-free organization.

  1. Use the appropriate packing materials.

Don’t just shove your belongings into boxes. Pack them carefully using the right packaging materials to prevent damage during transfer or storage. Bundle up furniture with foam, bubble wrap, or plastic. Do the same for appliances and electronics to protect them from dust and antistatic damage. Your professional moving company can help you pack your belongings properly for transport or temporary storage units.

  1. Update your mailing and billing address.

This is an often-overlooked moving task that can have the most extreme consequences. Failure to update your mailing and billing address will keep you from receiving mails, bills, and packages. Don’t forget to change your address weeks before the big day. Call your billing companies and update your online accounts accordingly.

  1. Inform your utility companies about your relocation.

Weeks before relocation, arrange for the utility companies in your old home to cut off services. Then, make sure all the utilities in your new home are working and billed to you.

Turn off the electricity, gas, cable, and other services before leaving your soon-to-be old residence. Make sure everything is in order before the big day; otherwise, you may end up with bills from your previous home or a house with no power or running water. Not sure how to get the ball rolling? Talk to your residential movers to learn more about utility changing processes.

  1. Give your home one last sweep before leaving.

After packing everything is packed and loaded into the delivery vehicles, make a final sweep of the house to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Double-check storage areas, racks, and cabinets. Make sure they don’t contain anything that important if they’re not empty. Look under and behind shelving units as well. If you are leaving furniture behind, check their upholstery for hidden items.

Ensure a Fast and Efficient Move with Expert Movers

Finally, coordinate with your movers. Providers of professional and reliable residential and commercial moving services can provide all the relocation services that you could possibly need. All you need to do is inform them of your moving requirements and preferences. Stay on-site during the big day so that your movers can quickly get in touch with you in case they need to clarify anything!