You might have heard it a lot of times now. Contemporary furniture design is becoming a thing when designing homes and even offices. You got interested, and you want to check it out yourself. But where do you start? You might wonder, “is there a contemporary furniture store near me?” How do you distinguish contemporary from those that are not when you get to where to find them?


Below are some outlets that you can try if you decide to start exploring contemporary furniture design.

  1. Furniture shops in malls

    This is a no-brainer. Of course, you know that you’d find contemporary furniture designs in furniture shops located in malls or other outlets near you. But how do you distinguish them?You won’t usually find tags that explicitly say “contemporary,” “modern,” and “traditional.” But to recognize which is contemporary, some nuances that you can look out for are colors and complexity. Contemporary designs usually possess neutral tones. In terms of design complexity, you’ll find that they are simple and less cluttered.

  2. Thrift shops

    Now that you can already somehow distinguish the design from others, you can dare to go into less formalized outlets like thrift shops. While these outlets are unlikely spots for contemporary designs (because they probably still house traditional or even antique styles), you will never know. Sometimes, thrift shops keep good catch or treasures you don’t expect to find.

  3. Handy catalogs and magazines

    If you have got no patience walking around shops or malls, this option fits you. This may initially require you to do some walking to magazine racks in bookstores near you, but after that, you can savor your sweet time taking a look at the contemporary furniture designs in magazines. Convenience is just one perk of this. Reading furniture magazines can also give you pieces of expert advice from professional designers. Interesting picks of some celebrities are also featured in these magazines, and you can even find some pegs from such stories. Maximize this approach, and you might even be a furniture aficionado after reading a lot of magazine issues.

  4. Online shops and catalogs

    These outlets are just like the previous one discussed, only that these can be more direct to sellers. Like furniture magazines, online furniture shops or websites can also give you valuable insights in choosing the right contemporary furniture for you. They are also convenient. If you intend to buy, you can already start your purchase transactions by just clicking. In addition, some websites are trying to bring you closer to the experience of visiting a physical furniture shop by allowing the zoom feature in viewing the photos of their designs. Some also allow you to send a recommendation to a friend if you find a furniture design interesting.


Choices are very flexible if you want to go contemporary in choosing your furniture. You don’t have to find “contemporary furniture store near me,” literally, because of the last two options, which can serve as your starting points.