One of the most compelling reasons to get the best infrared sauna for your home is the natural pain relief brought about by infrared sauna therapy. Numerous scientific studies have found that heat therapy can have a profound effect on neuropathic and rheumatoid pain. In addition, it can also help people feel better from back pain, sore muscles, and other painful conditions.

  • Infrared heat penetrates soft tissue for up to two inches

    One of the things that make infrared heat so effective at helping manage pain is the fact that it can penetrate 1-2 inches deep into our soft tissue. This type of heat can increase circulation and expand the blood vessels, all without making your blood pressure shoot up.

    As your circulation starts to improve your nerves and tissues receive more oxygen. This speeds up the healing process and by directly affecting both the peripheral nerves and free-nerve endings. In turn, this greatly reduces pain.

  • Loosens joints and muscles

    Your muscles become stiff on a daily basis thanks to everyday stress and activities. Through exposure to infrared heat, the muscles are able to relax, therefore helping them regain elasticity.

    This reduces the amount of suffering you experience from chronic pain and injuries. Better yet, sauna heat greatly improves mobility of muscles and joints. Arthritis and other chronic pain conditions rob the body of its freedom of movement, and improved mobility is one of the most sought-after sauna benefits.

  • Breaks down lactic deposits

    Lactic acid has a tendency to form deposits in the tissues and muscles. These deposits cause fatigue, secondary spasms, muscle tension, and cramps. Not only does the deep penetration of infrared heat improve circulation, it is also able to break down lactic acid deposits in the body, thus preventing painful cramps and spasms.

  • Improves production of white blood cells

    Leukocytes, better known as white blood cells, are critical to the body’s ability to heal itself. Infrared heat improves the production of these cells, making the human body more efficient at preventing chronic pain symptoms and healing itself.

  • Speeds up muscle recovery after a workout

    Sore muscles are one of the hallmarks of a good workout. Yet no one enjoys the pain that comes after physical exercise. Soreness happens due to the microtrauma or tiny tears in your muscles that occur during a workout. Entering the hot confines of sauna after working out will help speed up the recovery process and relax aching muscles and joints.

Removal of Toxins

Pain can also be caused by pathogenic microorganisms, acids, and toxins present in the body. Removal of these unwanted elements will bring substantial pain relief to almost every part of the body. You will sweat profusely while inside a sauna, helping flush out toxins and detoxify the whole body.

Pain relief is one of the top infrared sauna benefits you can get from a home sauna. The use of heat to relax the muscles, improve mobility, and boost healing has been well-documented since the ancient times, and you can enjoy these same benefits from the comfort of a home sauna.