Spending time out in the sun and fresh air is important for children, but so is the type of surface they’ll be playing on. Top-quality artificial grass in Portland, Oregon provides an exceptional alternative to natural grass due to its safety, versatility, and ease of maintenance. Relax and let your kids have as much fun as they want outdoors when you cover your lawn with synthetic turf!

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Kid’s Yards

When you have children at home, their well-being comes above all else. Synthetic turf allows you to have a safe play surface while giving you a beautiful, versatile outdoor space. Enjoy these benefits when you make the switch:

  1. Reduce Germs and Dirt

Bacteria are constantly lurking on the surface of a natural lawn. Children tend to kick up lots of debris and dirt while playing, leaving them exposed to various health risks. The best artificial pet turf in Portland contains no soil and covers dirt completely, which can help cut down this danger. Better yet, kids won’t be coming home dirty with grass-stained clothes at the end of the day like they do after playing on a natural lawn.

  1. Increased Accessibility

Children with mobility needs and wheelchairs, as well as those who suffer from allergies, can have a hard time navigating a natural lawn. The uneven surface plus the presence of rocks, weeds, and other objects can make it difficult to maneuver on real grass. Meanwhile, grass can trigger severe allergy symptoms.

In contrast, you can have a yard with no dips, holes, and other unexpected obstacles when you switch to top-quality artificial grass in Portland, Oregon. This material is non-allergenic as well, making it a more accessible alternative for kids of all backgrounds.

  1. Enhanced Safety

It’s natural for children to trip and stumble while playing outside, and artificial grass can be a much safer surface for them to fall on. The soft, synthetic blades feel just as gentle as natural grass on their skin, which lessens the chances of scrapes and cuts. When installed on a proper base, artificial turf also has a bouncy, smooth feel that doesn’t get displaced like gravel, soil, or wood.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, it takes very little work to maintain synthetic turf. You never need to water, mow, or fertilize it. There’s also no need to reseed your yard or conduct seasonal maintenance. It stays functional and looking fresh all year long. All you need to do is brush it up occasionally and make sure to rinse out dirty spots. Spend more time bonding with your little ones, and much less time working on your lawn!

  1. Versatile and Customizable

Artificial grass is simply more fun to have than natural grass. It can be customized into your desired thickness, height, and shades. It can also be used to design activity spaces, such as a multi-sport court, craft corner, and artificial putting green in Portland. Make it a fun family project and let kids share ideas on what their dream yard looks like!

Spruce Up Your Yard with Artificial Grass

Kids and kids at heart are sure to love your brand-new artificial lawn! Call your local Portland artificial grass installers today to get more ideas about how to beautify your outdoor landscape.