A modern contemporary sofa is a precious home investment. More than just a comfortable seat in your living space, it’s a unique statement piece that reflects your lifestyle. Keep yours in top condition with these easy upkeep tips!

Smart Sofa Upkeep Tips

The sofa is one of the most used home furniture. It’s where you host guests, catch up with your friends, and spend time with your family. If you have furry pets, your sofa may also double as a canine or feline hangout spot. You have your work cut out for you if you want to keep it looking brand new. Follow these maintenance tips from day one of getting your sofa:

• Vacuum the sofa weekly.

This will keep the sofa free of debris that could discolor and damage it over time. Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Go over the sofa surface and pay close attention to the spaces between its cushions. If the upholstery is detachable, set them aside and vacuum the hard to reach places of the furniture.

• Clean spills and stains from the sofa immediately.

This is imperative if your contemporary sofa set is made with a fabric material. Don’t let the moisture soak and seep into the upholstery. Likewise, don’t just attempt to rub it off with your hand or fingers. Clean the affected part with a damp cloth, then dry it off immediately using a soft, dry cloth. Have pets that love spending time on the sofa? Use a lint roller to get rid of loose hair, fur, and other debris from its surface.

• Take care of the leather.

A leather sofa looks grand and majestic. However, a small, mismanaged stain can damage its whole look. Wipe the stain immediately using a damp cloth then a soft, dry cloth. Don’t use solvent-based cleaners if the spill left traces. Get expert assistance instead. Keep sharp objects away from the leather sofa to avoid scraping, damaging, or punching holes in the material. In addition, place it someplace that’s cool and doesn’t get much sunlight to keep it from fading.

• Plump up the sofa frequently.

Make the sofa appear brand new again by doing a re-plumping exercise often. Take out the cushions, and squeeze to reshape them. For double-sided cushions, rotate them during the exercise to give both sides the same treatment. Plump up the cushions once a month for foam cushions, and once a week for feather cushions.

Essential Etiquette for Sofa Users

Apart from following these maintenance tips, you should also observe and enforce proper etiquette when using your modern contemporary sofa. It’s the easiest way to keep it clean in the long run. Here are some important etiquette reminders:

• Do not sit on the armrests on your sofa. These parts are not intended for seating, and using them like that can damage the sofa’s structural integrity.

• Change where you sit often. Sitting in the same spot can cause the cushions to become too soft and collect more dirt. It also leads to unsightly depressions on the sofa.

• Train your pets not to spend too much time on the sofa. In doing so, you may reduce hairs and furs that could trigger allergies to other users.

• Do not let your kids jump on the couch. The more your kids leap on the sofa, the easier it will get worn down and the harder it will be for you to maintain.

Keep Your Sofa Looking Fresh and Clean!

Proper maintenance for your furniture, from the sofa down to your modern coffee table sets, is crucial to keeping your living space fresh and comfortable. Take care of your furniture from the day it entered your home. For more upkeep tips for your contemporary pieces, talk to your trusted high-end furniture store in LA!