Daybeds are the great multitaskers of interior design. Used properly, they can transform a space into many things such as a cozy den, an extra bedroom, a charming study, and more. Take advantage of this versatile piece of mid-century modern furniture in Los Angeles by following these fool-proof decorating tips.

7 Ways to Use a Daybed in Your Home

The sleek design of mid-century modern daybeds makes them easy to integrate into any design scheme. Typically lighter than other living room furniture, they can also be moved around to accommodate changes in the décor without much difficulty. Try out these seven creative ways to use a daybed in your home:

  1. Tuck the daybed into the entryway.

Turn your entryway into a photo-worthy vignette by switching out the usual bench with a daybed. The elegant lines of a mid-century modern daybed will help you maximize that small area without overwhelming the space. The multifunctional furniture will also offer a welcoming waiting space for guests and passing visitors like delivery personnel.

  1. Create a multifunctional study.

Welcoming a surprise guest into your home? Give them a comfortable place to rest by turning the study into an impromptu guest room with a daybed. Increase the coziness factor by pilling some throw pillows and a warm blanket to complete the room. When there are no visitors around, you can use the versatile furniture as a fantastic reading space.

  1. Try a new living room layout.

For a fresh take on the contemporary living room, replace the standard sofa set with two daybeds. This creates an open shape and gives the space an airy feeling, making it more pleasant to entertain guests or simply lounge around.

  1. Achieve a modern moment.

A minimalist daybed without any adornments is a powerful statement for modernity. Use it to apply visual contrast in a formal, ornate space, or match it with mod décor for a splash of drama.

  1. Float the layout.

Unlike other standard beds, daybeds look great from all angles. They also don’t need to be placed against walls, making them a great choice for a floating interior design scheme. Increase the flexibility of your modern living room layout by floating a daybed in the center of the space.

  1. Craft a window seat.

Want a reading nook, but you’re low on space? Place daybed by or under a window.  This instantly creates a warm, comfortable lounging spot where you can read, nap, or soak up the sunlight without having to resort to a built-in window seat. Thanks to the daybed’s low profile, this arrangement is also a great way to add seating to a room without diminishing natural light.

  1. Hook up the ultimate porch swing.

Go the unexpected route for your porch area by transforming the daybed into a porch swing. Pick materials that are resistant to the weather such as teak for the frame and outdoor fabric to ensure the furniture’s longevity.

Explore Modern Daybed Designs and More

Compact and multifunctional, daybeds are an excellent space-saving solution and decorating element for homes of all sizes. For durable, well-crafted daybeds and other high-quality mid-century modern furniture in Los Angeles for your living room, visit high-end furniture stores today!