Undergoing any medical procedure is a stressful, taxing, and, ultimately, life-defining event. Whatever treatment you are going through, you would want to be under the care of someone who is trusted and can deliver. This is vital, especially if you are currently undergoing natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as you would need a reliable compounding pharmacy as well.

Entrusting Your Healthcare Needs to a Trusted Compounding Pharmacy

Unlike traditional medications, HRT requires medications that are specially prepared to suit the patient’s needs. Usually, these prescriptions, the strengths, and the dosage of the medicines are not satisfied with mass-produced commercial drugs. Instead, they need the expert handling of compounding pharmacies to create effective compounded formulas.
But how do you choose which institution to follow for your natural hormone replacement therapy needs? Some people would advise you that ANY pharmacy has the ability and experience to compound drugs. DO NOT fall to this trap. Most pharmacies nowadays are licensed to dispense manufactured drugs. Although some pharmacies do have the expertise and equipment to compound medications, most do not. Most pharmacies:

  • have no special licenses
  • have no specially trained professionals
  • have no suitable equipment


Be vigilant! Here are things you need to do when choosing your partner compounding facility.

Check the accreditations

For compounding pharmacies, the accreditation that you should look for first is a PCAB accreditation. PCAB stands for the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. They offer the most comprehensive compliance solutions in the industry based on the standards issued by the U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) Guidelines.

If your pharmacy is PCAB accredited, you can be sure that they have gone to great lengths to ensure that their products are of quality, their staff is sufficiently trained, and they have the right and working equipment to do compounding. PCAB conducts extensive on-site surveys with independent experts and does annual verification to ensure compliance.

Visit the site

“Seeing is believing,” so goes the adage, and it is cliché for one reason: it is true. Most of the time, you cannot rely on social media pages, websites, or flyers for accurate information on how a facility is. If they are not using paid stock photos, they can be staging their sites to get the best possible shots. And of course, who would not since these avenues are created to market their site. Instead, for you to get the best “picture,” visit the site yourself. Do it randomly without informing them so that you would find them in their natural habitat. Just show up out of the blue and ask if they could show you around, meet your staff, and see how they prepare their medications.

Check the staff

Compounding demands specialized tools and training, both of which are invaluable in providing products that are safe and effective. When inquiring, ask what kind of training their staff undergoes. How knowledgeable are they? Do they know the Wiley protocol of hormone replacement therapy? Things such as these easily slip other patient’s minds: don’t be one of them.

Ask for referrals

This is the first thing that most patients would do. If your physician would require you to take medication that needs to be compounded, then they are the first ones you should ask for a referral. With your doctor’s stamp of approval, you can have an added guarantee that the institution they are recommending passes a medical expert’s requirements.

Research. Research. Research.

Nobody can become a compounding pharmacy expert overnight. Do constant research even if you have chosen a facility. If you are looking for the best compounding pharmacy in California, then stay vigilant. Health and safety deserve nothing less.