When you use far infrared sauna at home, especially with family, friends, or guests, having some annoying moments of having to deal with sauna decorum breakers are likely to be unavoidable. The day-to-day quirks of these dearest people would sometimes be apparent not only on a regular basis but also during their occasional immersion in the sauna.

infrared sauna

Below are the comical descriptions of how our family members and friends can be seen using a home far infrared sauna.

  1. The good sauna junkie
    These regular visitors are so familiar with the drill and they are likely the most obedient ones in terms of spa decorum. They would use towel to sit on to avoid direct skin contact with the bench, be very discreet, and keep the sauna clean before, during, and after using it. Most likely, this junkie will also be the police to monitor the cleanliness of the sauna.
  2. That person who is not a fan of towels
    While it’s fine to be naked in an infrared sauna, users should also consider using towel to insulate the wooden benches from direct skin contact to ensure the longevity of sauna quality.

    Sauna wood are indeed made to withstand moist conditions, but encouraging more contact between the body and the wood might cause stains, especially if the user did not take a good shower before using the sauna.

  3. That heat and run pal
    These people are the ones who simply run away, and sometimes even lock the sauna door right after using it, without checking the hot box’s cleanliness. It is important to remind these people that keeping the sauna dry by keeping the door open for a couple of minutes can help in its better maintenance.
  4. The techie person
    Sauna bathing is a time to take a break from the regular routines of work and other mundane things, but the techie person just can’t have a break from the gadgets that s/he use while in the hot box. This is highly unadvisable because the high temperature in the sauna can damage the gadgets.

    The presence of the gadgets can also take away the pleasure of savoring the sauna experience. So if you have this techie person in you family sauna, talk it over and start getting rid of the gadgets while relaxing lest the unwinding would simply be planked out by the distraction.

  5. The foodie
    Food is another no-no inside the sauna, so those family members and friends who can’t get enough of food should choose only one between eating or immersing in the hot box. Or maybe, tell these folks to get their own one person sauna where they can enjoy their food.
  6. The dehydrated dude
    Restricting food in the sauna does not mean that bringing a pitcher of water is not allowed. In fact, doing so is a must. So remind those dudes who do not observe drinking water regularly while relaxing in the home sauna to do so.

These characters are described in a lighthearted fashion to make the topic of sauna maintenance a lightsome one for the whole family. Because sauna is hugely for relaxing and unwinding instead of being a source of family feud.