Smartphones are some of the world’s most technologically advanced devices that almost everyone owns. The technology behind them has allowed simple tasks to be accomplished with just a tap on the screen. With such iconic brands such as Apple and Android, many have become accustomed to the usual features that most smartphones are equipped with—however, there are certain features that you may have missed the first time around.

6 Secret Features in Your Smart Phone 

Like most technological advancements, smartphones can also come with certain tricks up their sleeves. If you haven’t discovered any of your phone’s secret features yet, here are six of them to start your smartphone adventure:

  1. Control Separate Volume Settings 

If you find your ringtone a bit too loud or soft, or you wish to lower the volume of the video you’re watching, Android phones are able to make use of this feature. Not only can you increase or decrease the volume of your phone’s ringtone, you can also do so for any media playing in your phone’s background, as well as your alarm.

  1. Screen Pinning/ App Locking 

Locking your phone is important for personal security reasons—however, what do you do if a friend or family member asks to borrow your phone but you don’t want them snooping around? Easy! Lock the app! This particular feature allows Android users to lock certain apps with a lock code, allowing it to be opened once the correct code is placed.

  1. Ringless Notifications 

The one feature that iOS users enjoy with their phones is Facetime—but when they are asked to join a video chat, the ringing can sometimes be a nuisance or a shocker to hear. With this hidden feature, Facetime simply sends a notification that invites you to join a video call without much disruption, allowing for a quieter approach to video chatting.

  1. Phone Trackpad 

Ever had to make a minor edit on a long text but have trouble placing the cursor in between certain letters? iOS users can now use their phones as a trackpad and precisely place the cursor for more accurate edits. Simply hold down the spacebar and drag your finger to where you would want to place the cursor.

  1. Additional Accents for Siri 

If you’re looking to hear Siri in another voice, or in this case, accent, you can change your Siri with the help of your phone’s settings. Simply go to Settings, tap Siri & Search, and choose between different accents such as British, Australian, Irish, and South African.

  1. Secret Mini Game 

If you’re an Android user, this is a secret feature you can definitely enjoy. For phones equipped with the Android 2.3, or the Gingerbread version, you can access a secret mini game by going to your phone’s settings and select About Phone. Tap Android Version several times until a small marshmallow pops up on screen, which you can then tap several more times and the game will open.

Discover More of Your Smartphone!


Today’s phones come with almost anything you can think of—and with these six hidden smartphone features for you to start, you may be surprised on how much your phone can actually offer for you. It goes to show that the best things don’t have to be seen on first glance, they need to be discovered.