In designing your own living room, how your furniture look individually matters but how you mix each item with the others has a larger effect on how the room will look and feel. You cannot just place it wherever you like. Just because their colors match not necessarily means your sofa is already compatible with your center table. Arranging a luxury living room can be stressful that’s why others prefer getting an interior designer just for it.

But if you want to save some money or make your living room more personalized, here are some tips in arranging your modern living room furniture.

  • Take note of the purpose.

For what purpose will you usually use the living room? A place to bond with the family? An area for receiving guests and chatting with friends? How you would arrange your furniture depends primarily on the room’s purpose for you. Make sure the placement of each item accommodates the activities you are planning to do in your living room.

  • Place the biggest first.

To make sure that space is distributed evenly, position the biggest furniture items first. Also, do not forget to have enough space for the people to move around.  Remember that this is your living room; it is not a showroom. Another tip: if your place is small, it might be better to avoid leaning all the furniture against the wall.

  • Get away from straight angles.

Most living rooms are arranged in square or rectangular layouts. While it is conventional, it makes your living room look too stiff. If you want it to look like a real living room and not a hospital’s waiting area, arrange the furniture in uneven angles; the items do not really need to face each other and have uniform edges.

  • Explore with sizes.

Matching the size of your furniture with the size of your place does not necessarily mean using furniture items of similar sizes. In fact, using chairs and tables with various sizes makes your living room look cozier. Just be sure to still consider the available space in the arrangement. Avoid placing items with the same size beside each other; such combinations must be placed on opposite ends.

  • Experiment with shapes.

You are designing a luxury living room, not a pattern. Square throw pillows don’t require you to use square centerpieces. Using various shapes, just like in the case of sizes, make the room look less formal and more personal.


These are just some of the tips you should consider in arranging your luxury living room furniture. There are still other pieces of advice out there that could help you design your very own place. Just take note that how you would arrange your furniture should be planned before buying it to make sure the items match. You should imagine applying these tips even before picking out the items. Before visiting a modern living room furniture store, be sure you already have a style and vibe in your mind!