If you love saunas and really desire to have a soul-cleansing experience, Finland is the destination for you. Saunas play an important role in Finnish culture and are actually an essential part of their everyday lives. It is used as an area for healing, business meetings, and giving birth. The Finns actually have certain customs when it comes to hot bathing.

However, you don’t have to go through all the trouble just to have that Finnish Sauna Experience. You can have your own at your backyard. Having your own outdoor infrared sauna, you’ll surely have that soul-renewing hot bath at your own terms.

Why should you get an outdoor infrared sauna?

Here are few of the many reasons you should get an outdoor sauna:

    • It has numerous health benefits

As many studies have proven, saunas have tons of health benefits including getting rid of body toxins, relaxing stiff muscles, improving blood circulation, enhancing metabolism, and reducing stress, among others. If the healing power of saunas won’t convince you to get one, what else can?

    • It is more accessible and relatively more affordable

Who needs to go to the fitness center just to get the health benefits mentioned above, when you have a private one at home? If you usually drive or ride a bus on your way to the gym, imagine the effort, time, gas money, bus fare, or air fare (if you really want to experience the Finnish one) you’ll save! Also, infrared sauna will cost you less since it uses only up to 1.6kW unlike a traditional sauna, which usually spends up to 6kW, to give the same effect on your body.

    • It gives you more privacy and freedom

Since it is at your home, you can use it by yourself, allowing you to enjoy your me-time more. Should you want some time with your significant other or your friends, your own sauna is also a nice place to hang out, without strangers getting in your way. Saunas for one, two, and four are, in fact, available! You choose.

    • It is low maintenance

After using it, you can just clean the floor and that’s it. Unlike pools and hot tubs, keeping it neat is a lot less tedious and messy. Moreover, since most parts of sauna heaters are stationary, they rarely break down so there might be no need for time-to-time repairs.

    • It can be an additional source of income

Aside from adding value to your house, the outdoor infrared sauna itself may be a source of extra income through renting. It may involve big expenditures at first but it is a good investment. If you enjoy a private, relaxing, and accessible hot bath, why not let others experience it for a few bucks?

Not to burst your bubble, but you also have to keep in mind that it should be used responsibly and moderately. Remember to not stay for too long inside the sauna for it can cause dehydration and even heat stroke. If in the influence of drugs or alcohol, you might want to skip the sauna.

Nevertheless, if you’re ready to have that genuine sauna experience just at your backyard, you are just one click away!