2018 lincoln navigator

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator from Lincoln car dealers is a luxury SUV, no doubt about that. It’s polished and dapper, and filled to the brim with interior niceties and creature comforts. But while its luxury pedigree is unmistakable, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is ready to blast around in the dirt and go way off the beaten road.

No Hesitations

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator among Lincoln cars for sale is a full-size SUV. Fans of the superstar Ford F-150 will find themselves in familiar territory when it comes to ground clearance. In addition, the ride is stable, confident, and offers very little sway on expressway ramps.

Urban roads and streets are child’s play for the Navigator; expect a smooth, relax ride. But pit it against snow and slush, and you’ll find that it holds its own. In addition, the automatic four-wheel drive will quickly kick into gear the moment a tire starts spinning.

Sports-Truck Soul

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator from Lincoln dealers is not a sports truck, but it’s a veritable athlete thanks to its astounding 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. The Navigator has an updated version of this potent engine, and it unleashes ample power whenever you need it. The engine is powerful, lively, and spirited enough to anyone comfortable driving this massive SUV. On top of this, you’ll always feel in control and never at a loss of power.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the steering is responsive and light. Drivers are given a commanding position in the cockpit, and it’s designed to provide amazing visibility. Thanks to the Navigator’s suspension, you’re able to cruise over rough terrain, and minor bumps are easily absorbed.

Finally, you won’t find parking an issue— the 2018 Navigator is equipped with cameras around the vehicle to make manoeuvring a safe and easy affair.

Interiors that Stun

As a proud representative of the Lincoln Line, luxury is a given no matter where you take the 2018 Navigator. You’ll find materials like chrome, wood, and leather inside. There’s plenty of storage, but it’s hidden discreetly to blend in with the thoughtful layout.

Another special treat are the seats. Designed like a high-end lounge seat, they’re comfortable, supportive, and can be outfitted with heating and cooling functions depending on the trim.

Storage is generous without taking much legroom from the second-row passengers.


You’ll get your dose of tech with the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. First, it’s equipped with the Lincoln version of the Sync 3 infotainment system. Ford’s AppLink System now supports selected third-party apps like Waze.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available with compatible devices. Feel free to hook up your favourite apps from your smartphone. On top of this, there’s also the Lincoln Way app. It allows you to input your destination through your smartphone instead of the in-vehicle system, making it more convenient. With the Lincoln Way app, you can also order roadside assistance, start the car, and locate your vehicle remotely.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is everything you could want from a luxury SUV, but it packs a mean punch— take it through rough roads and rougher weather, and it won’t bat an eye. For drivers who crave adventure but won’t settle for less than the finest SUV out there, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is for you.